Featured in epic anthologies, TV, Film, Animation and more – the caped crusader has filtered across a huge range of media, and boardgames are no exception. 

Here are our top ten favourite games that let you get behind the cowl of the dark knight detective. Starting with- 

10 | Batman Love letter (2015)

Much more than a shameless c
ashin, this adaptation of the Love Letter formula perfectly digs into Batman’s reputation for using his brains as well as his fists to solve crime. Asking players to take a card then play a card each turn, unique discard effects and small card pool makes play quick and tight. With Batman, Bane, Joker, Robin and more making up the deck. This is perfect edition of the game to throw in your bag and break out with comics fans – providing them with an inroad to the world of tabletop gaming.  

9 | Almost Got 'im card game (2017)

Inspired by one of the most beloved episodes of the timeless 90’s animated series. Almost Got ‘Im is a hidden-role game combining poker mechanics – letting players re-enact the boastful behaviour of the villains in the Paul Dini penned episode. Criminals are tasked with sussing out who amongst them may actually be the dark knight, with plays and trades tipping their hands. Ospending time accumulating hands that allow them to activate their powers and turn the tables on the opposition. With gorgeous card art taken directly from the cartoon, there’s no greater gift for a Bat Fan or as a starter game for a night in with friends. 

8 | Justice league: Dawn of heroes (2017)

Bringing the Justice League into the mi
x, dawn of heroes puts one player in control of the greatest heroes in fiction, with the other controlling the supervillains out to destroy them. A light-touch dungeon crawler, the game offers enough complexity to keep things interesting without adding sand to the gears. Add in a full-length campaign, modular boards and an embarrassment of player characters and optionsthis is a great option for Bat Fans looking to take the league – and the terrifying contents of Bruce’s utility belt – to the table. 

7 | Gotham city under siege (2018)

Often overlooked, the Bat Family are one of the most interesting elements of the Batman Mythos. Now you can take to the streets of Gotham to work together and protect it from our hero’s colossal rogues gallery. Based around the first season of the animated show, players are required to manage their resources, unique player powers, and optimise their movement to prevent the city from being terrorised or detonated. Add in with gorgeous minis, stunning card art, and 3D buildings – this looks stunning on any tabletop 

6 | Talisman: Batman-Super villains edition (2019)

Sometime it’s
just good to be bad. Iterating on a classic formula, Batman Talisman swaps the streets of a fantasy world for the grim levels of Arkham Asylum. Players take on the role of villains like Scarecrow, Clayface, Ra’s Al Ghul, Joker and more. This involves a delicate dance to level up your characters – and pummel the opposition – before reaching the middle and releasing the institution’s inmates to a defenceless Gotham. While this doesn’t anything massively new to the Talisman formula, the game’s artwork, theme, and unique encounters and skills giving you a punchy, streamlined experience with every play. 

5 | Batman: The animated Series Adventures-Shadow of the Bat (2020)

For those looking for a little more fight in their supervillain, Animated Series adventures is the game for you. Running off IDW’s 
AUGS system, the game lets you take on a stonking 24 different missions all based on classic animated episodes. Add in the ability to assemble your own Bat Dream Team and play the way you want – head to head battles quickly become a matter of tactical insightcreeping stealth, or intimidating brute force. And with a range of customisation options, the sky’s the limit. 

4 | DC Comics Dice masters: Batman (2017)

Whether it’s
elaborate minis or ornate dice, the Batman license wraps around any concept with ease. Built using the long-standing Dice Masters engine, the WizKids designed game uses die and cards to unlock hugely thematic abilities, tactical depth, and classic cameos like Ace the Bat Hound!  Fast paced and highly strategicthe game asks you to draft new characters and knock your opponent’s life down – with synergies pumping up your team when it’s needed most. Modular, quick to play and with gorgeous art – picking up a starter pack can give you a quick idea about if the game is right for you.  

3 | DC Comics deck-building game: Rivals-Batman vs the joker (2014)

Ever dreamt of acting out the final battle between Batman and the Joker? Wish no more with the lasted dedicated set from DC, featuring two custom decks that are built to offer a range of options from precise, surgical strikes as Batman to pinwheeling acts of anarchy from eh Joker. Add a selection of helpful gadgets, insidious henchmen and more; Batman can use his resourcefulness to draw extra cards, with the Joker’s plans slowly adding overwhelming power to crush his nemesis. Quick playing and offering surprising depth – giving this game a go guarantees a showdown for the ages every time.

2 | Gotham city Chronicles (2019)

An absolute monster of a game, Chronicles
is an infamous Kickstarter success story that lets you assemble your own dream team to take down the entirety of Batman’s rogues gallery. Played out as a meticulous miniatures skirmish, the game offers an embarrassment of riches to tackle each unique scenario. Tearing around in the Batmobile? Sure. Tackling Clayface? You’ve got it. Fancy reteaming Dick and Damian and Bat Cow? – there’s truly no better option on the modern marketplace.

1 | Heroclix (2002)

A timeless classi
c – HeroClix was a groundbreaking in offering light-touch skirmish game that deploys a unique dial system to raise or lower stats. Highly fun, flexible, and easy to learn; it wasn’t long before DC came to play and put Batman right at the heart of the action. And his range of skills meant that, the more a beating he took, the more gadgets and tricks he was able to deploy to bring his opponents to justice. With a wealth of sets released to date and a healthy audience still attached to the game, there’s no better time to start your one man crusade against crime today.  

Do you have any game to recommend, that Batman fans love?! Share it in the comments below :)

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