The worlds of geekdom and collecting often go hand in hand. But with so many options out there to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on the right gift for your favourite nerd.


So here are some great gifts for the most discerning of gamers. Starting with-

10| Paints

When it comes to mindful and rewarding hobbies, few can beat picking up a brush and starting to paint. If your friend has a collection of unpainted game pieces, picking out a starter set and a few practice miniatures can be a great way to expand their interests. Alternatively – if they’re already a painting fan – picking up a new detail brush or painting handle can be a luxury that few collectors allow for themselves.

9| A Big Ol' Laminator

Now, bear with us. While a laminator may seem like a present stolen from the office, gifting one opens up a range of options for the dedicated hobbyist. A laminator can be used to seal player cards and help make them resistant to damage. It can also be used to craft player aids such as rules breakdowns, cheat-sheets and more. Or it could help them assemble their own copies of games from independent sites, kit bash their own player-proof materials, or – maybe – actually use it as an essential part of their home office.

8| Spinner Rack

One of the biggest regrets for many comic book collectors is being unable to show off their collection’s stunning art. In use since the 30’s, spinner racks were commonplace in pharmacies, corner shops, and grocers to advertise the latest issues of the Marvel and DC universe. If your friend collects weekly singles, a rack can be a fantastic way to display some of their favourite collections and capture some of that childhood joy. Alternatively, a rack can be a fantastic way for RPG fans to display their sourcebooks or ‘save’ sessions – with slots dedicated to campaigns, players, encounters, and more.

7| *Decent* Writing Materials

Taking the time to find a quality pad and pen for your group’s dark lord can make all the difference to their day. This can be as straightforward as a custom leather binder for their notes, a fully detailed pen set, or a dedicated station to work from. Or – if you’re feeling particularly generous – picking up an affordable tablet device such as the Amazon Fire can help them hold their rulebooks, notes, and sound files in one place.

6| Wipe-Clean Maps

Save the hours spent poring over graph paper with a wipe-clean map for dungeon crawling or tactical scraps. With some amazing options available through Paizo, a good map will be reversible and available in a range of sizes. This can help your DM save masses of prep time and allows your team to do more with less – whether you’re sketching up a randomised Castle Ravenloft or helping your group map out one of Arkham’s many asylums. Throw in some liquid chalk markers and your group will be sketching out their world in no time at all.

5| Framed Boards

Sometimes you just want a game to last forever. Whether you’ve finished playing the last round in a game of Risk Legacy or hitting a milestone with your group’s 100th game of Catan; framing a board for your long-time host or winner can be a fantastically thoughtful gift. Or, if you want to provide a more practical present, remember many sites offer custom wall-mounted games for your home – letting players enjoy day long Chess, Draughts, Scrabble and more.

4| Play Aids

Tiny, carefully chosen extras make all the difference when it comes to running games on a weekly basis. But finding the right aid can be a challenge. If the recipient is a card gamer, it’s worth remembering that companies like Fantasy Flight carry a regularly-updated range of game mats that can help organise a play area. Alternatively, visiting sites like Etsy can help you pick up luxury pieces like turn counters, custom dice, metal coins, and more.

3| Gaming Table

If you want to get serious about giving a gift that lasts, improving your group’s gaming table is the way to go. Picking out a dedicated table can revolutionise a playspace without feeling obtrusive - with many modern designs looking perfect in any well-appointed home. And if you really want to nerd things up, adding quality extras such as felt cappers, modular rails, or drawers can help tackle long-standing issues in the group. You can check out our full range of tables to learn more about the available options Our forthcoming SunnyGeeks table is designed to be as affordable as possible and highly modular - allowing your friend to choose how they use their space.

2| Custom Miniatures

Whether it’s their own homebrew character or an iconic hero, playing with a unique figure can help bring your game to life. And the rise of 3D printing has made creating one easier than ever before. Carrying out a quick Google search can help you find a provider to realise a sketch or design and even find a professional painter to give the piece a unique touch. Alternatively, it’s worth remembering that Paizo’s Bestiary Boxes provide a wealth of affordable standees to represent players and creatures on the tabletop – letting you add extra detail to your games without breaking the bank.

1| Inserts and Tuck Boxes

Every players’ collection has one game that’s bursting at the seams. Expansions, add-ons, and stretch goals can leave you with a box that’s close to destruction. Available through most online stores, picking up a custom insert can make a difference to their session and help a treasured game stay pristine. This can include a custom tray for heavyweight games like Gloomhaven, sorting and storage solutions for high-volume options like Dominion, and much more. These help make setup and breakdown quick and simple, helping save valuable player time and ensuring your sessions run longer. Affordable and customisable – grabbing an insert is a no-brainer and the perfect way to help an old friend get their favourite games to the table with minimal fuss.


Do you have any other gift to recommend? Share it in the comments below :)

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