While nerd culture may rule the planet, it can be difficult to find a comic-book inspired game for your favourite Marvel Zombie or DC Fan. Thankfully, recent years have seen a glut of quality titles hit the shelves, letting you bring your favourite stories to life…and prove that Cyclops would absolutely beat Wolverine in a fair fight.

So, here are ten of our favourites, starting with-

10 | Teen Titans GO! Deck Building Game (2017)

Inspired by the mega-hit DC animated series, this tight deck builder lets you take on the role of your favourite Titan as you struggle against Deathstroke and the rest of the team’s infamous enemies. Built for two, players are quickly charged with assembling the team you need and leaving the dregs (ahem, Beastboy!) for your opponent to pick up. While not the most complex game on this list, play is quick, easy to learn, and effortless to bring to the table – providing fans of the series with a perfect entry point to other games in the genre.

9 | Legendary: A Marvel deck building game (2012)

Moving from complex to heavyweight, the Legendary series finally got round to tackling the Marvel universe in 2012 and…boy, they did not hold back. With formidable opponents like Magneto and Doctor Doom taking centre stage, players are forced to choose a hero for the hour to fight back. Combining careful hand management with crunchy combat, this is perfect for more experienced players to tell their own tales or recreate their favourite stories. And with a wealth of expansions available, Asgard is never more than a stone’s throw away.

8 | Kick-Ass: The Board Game (2018)

If you believe superhero games should 50% beating up bad guys and 50% keeping their personal life from spinning out of control, this is the game for you. Playing up to four, each individual is assigned a (less than super) hero and tasked with cleaning up the streets of New York. However, throw in the need to manage stats like ‘happiness’ and ‘social media presence’, and it quickly becomes a game about sending tweets and receiving – rather than handing out –  beatings. Challenging, fun, and definitely an essential purchase for fans of the series.

7 | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures: City Fall (2020)

How soon we forget that the Turtles first appeared as a comic book, with IDW recently resurrecting their stories in a grim and gritty style. Offering campaign play for up to five players, with one taking the role of The Shredder and the others controlling the turtle team or a fully cooperative mode where all players are heroes. Build around a game-long campaign, you’ll take on opponents and challenges from the recent series and level up, acquire new gear, and enjoy a pizza or two along the way. Offering accessible, playable fun, the game looks as stunning as it plays. And we’ll be playing as Donatello, thanks.

6 | Witness (2014)

A long standing favourite in the board gaming community, few realise the game is actually based on Jacobs’ Blake and Mortimer. Mimicking the series’ gorgeous ligne clair art, the game tasks you with solving a staggering series of 64 mysteries where you all hold the information necessary to unpick the plot…but restricts who you tell it to. Players soon enjoy a game of cat and mouse, revealing snippets of information until each group is ready to solve the crime. Simple and entertaining, Witness is a tremendous pick that belongs in every puzzler’s collection.

5| The walking dead: All out war (2016)

Based on the original comic book by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, this tactical masterpiece captures everything that made fans fall in love with the series before it finally made its way to our screens. Pitting two groups of scavengers against each other, players scrap for supplies while trying not to alert walkers…or find a way to use them against their opponents. With just enough complexity to make it accessible to newbies, War is a thematic and mechanical success that is perfect for every zombie fan. While this can take up a little real estate to play, finding the right table can ensure every battle over a can of beans looks absolutely incredible.

4 | Marvel Champions: The card game (2019)

Ever played Arkham Horror and thought, this could use more Marvel? Champions is the game for you. Lifting the LCG’s co-operative mechanics wholesale, each player takes on the mantle of a famous Marvel hero and tackles a supervillain stalking the streets of New York. This can have you tinker with your deck, plan synergistic strategies, or pull back to your civilian identity to plan and heal. While the keywords, specific rules, and degree of customisation may feel intimidating – it won’t be long before you’re screaming ‘Wakanda Forever’ while kicking someone in the head. In the game too.

3 | Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War (2018)

Another Marvel masterwork – this criminally overlooked game has recently secured cult status as an entry-level game that’s still fun for hardcore fans to play. Taking place during Thanos’ rush to acquire the Infinity Gems, players acquire their own superhero team and work together to battle the big bad of Thanos or his wacky kids. This game perfectly matches the tone of the film, with the movies’ full roster making appearances and the pacing expertly matching the desperate scrabble for survival. Absolutely essential for all MCU heads.

2 | Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter (2019)

Ever wondered who would win if Judge Dredd fought Johnny Alpha? Dream no more with this universe-shattering epic from Martin Wallace. Rolling 2000AD’s most beloved characters into one board,  Dredd, Dante, Slaine and Alpha all face off to defend their worlds with a focus on area control and careful hand management – letting you deploy all of the Judge’s arsenal and the Bounty Hunter’s famous Time Bombs. Perfect for long-standing fans of the comic, this easy-to-grasp game is an essential pick for all of those who want to visit (but never stay) in the bustling streets of Mega City 1.

1 | Hellboy: The board game (2019)

If dungeon crawling with Hellboy and the BPRD doesn’t get you excited, we honestly don’t know what will. A beloved turn-based, tactical adventure game – players run the gamut of Hellboy’s monster catalogue. Crammed with stunning miniatures and a wealth of expansions that include The Wild Hunt, Koschei the Deathless, and more – fans can re-enact their favourite arcs with ease. Throw in some absolutely stunning miniatures and you have a game that will have you pulling your omnibuses off the shelf before the session’s even over.


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