Dear Customers & friends from all over the globe !

The Past 1 year hit us like a kick-ass spinning super duper Tornado ! Your love & support was tremendous, and that translated into an increased workload (more orders, more tables, more responsibilities).

Company / Business Model / Production :

We have to admit, that in various occasions we weren’t able to communicate our well know Customer Care Support to the fullest and that translated to delayed photo / video updates of your tables into our production, delays to our lead times and most importantly missing some of your emails. The truth is that, we just couldn’t keep up with the demand. We are a family run business and we always wanted to remain one. We also moved into a new – bigger and better workshop in our hometown and the moving part was much more difficult than we expected.

What we did :

  • More Staff: The past 5 months , we hired 4 new staff members (2 for our offices –  Customer Support –  and 2 for our workshop). Training the staff members was (and still is) a slow burning process and after this 5 month period we are proud to announce they are now a complete part of the Rathskellers Family.
  • New Machinery : We acquired new modern machinery to help us out with the increased workload. Currently the training part is completed, the end results are amazing and hopefully it will translate to reduced lead times.
  • Limiting the production : Feeling the need to put this crazy new order wave to the freezer for a while, we now have a Production Limit Quota. Each month only 12 new orders will be processed (if in any given month this quota is fulfilled, the order will move to the next available month). You can see our current Quota and learn more by visiting this link. The main idea is to slowly increase this quota and return to our normal operation once we feel that everything runs smoothly.
  • Upgraded Functionality : Starting from this month, each Customer will have his own Private Area inside the my-account page, getting automated photo/videos *(and notifications) updates the time they become available. No further actions from your part, and less back – and – forth emails. You will get a notification each time there is an update to your email from our system.

Kickstarter Table :

  • After an enormous amount of emails reaching our help-desk, our Crowd Funding Table will become a reality late 2019 ! We are currently working on the prototypes and any interested and potential backer (who has completed the survey) will get updates with photos and any info we have for share near the Summer Period. It will be amazingly sexy, minimal, functional and affordable. Stay tuned — if you would like to be an early backer you can read more & order here . If you haven’t already and you are interested in the upcoming KS table you can complete the survey here so we can have a better understanding of your gaming needs, ideas and thoughts.

Conventions :

We will attend the following conventions this year :

  • Gencon 19 – Au.g 1-4
  • Essen Spiel 19  – Oct. 2019 24- 27
  • Pax Unplugged 19 – Dates to be announced

Thank you once again for your Trust, Love and Support !

We are gamers like you, and we want all of our products and efforts to enhance your gaming experience and hold the Rathskellers Quality we are known and loved for proudly.

Rathskellers Founder
Milios Thanos (not the Marvel Villain)

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