Whether it’s Jonathan Hickman revamping the world of Marvel with House of X or the ongoing rumours about mutants entering the MCU – there’s never been a better time to bring the X Men to the tabletop. 

So, here are six of our favourite games for mutie lovers and some of our favourite reading material to make an evening of adamantium and optic blasts complete. Starting with- 

6 | AVX Dice Masters (2014)

Another cl
assic from the mind of Eric Lang, Dice Masters allows you to piece together your own superhero team and go to town on Captain America and his loser friends. Combining bag management with unique player powers, the Dice Masters series is perfect for recreating the rush of superhero combat. And if your team hasn’t got the heft you need, picking up unique booster packs can help you add more Uncanny X-Men to your crew, or just roll out War Machine and detonate everyone.  

Best Read with: Unsurprisingly, Brian Bendis’ Avengers Vs X-Men was an exceptional summer event that pitted the two teams against each other in an attempt to stop the return of the Phoenix Force. With contributions from writers such as Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, and featuring stellar art from Olivier Coipel – picking up a copy is a great complement to breaking the dice out. 

5 | X Men Alert game (1992)

A deep cut for long-term comic book fans
, this underrated masterpiece accompanied the release of the animated series in 1992 and still holds a special place in the hearts of many boardgame fans. Asking you recruit your own X Team (a pattern we’ll see throughout this list), players are able to add a generous list of characters to the board and battle back Magneto and the rest of the brotherhood to claim victory. The definition of ‘better than it deserves to be’, there may be better games out there, but few deliver such a nostalgia hit.  

Best Read With: A tie-in with the classic animated series, there’s no better choice than going back to the source material and reading Chris Claremont and Jim Lee’s work on the children of the atom. The standout of this run is the Omega Red trilogy, fleshing out Wolverine’s past and tying Captain America to the Weapon X program for the first time! 

4 | Marvel Universe Miniature game (2016)

Ever fantasized about playing Professor X and sending some mutated teenagers to their potential deaths? Wonder no more! Released in 2016, the Marvel Miniatures game adds an extra degree of tactical nous to your games, letting you create your own X Crew, Avengers Team, or unlikely Superhero team-up
 on the right sized tabletop. Quick to play and holding a surprising level of depth (there are unique rules for a fastball special!), this is perfect for scratching your itch before the next big cinematic release.   

Best Read With: Covering the adventures of a mutant black-ops team, Rick Remender’s Uncanny X Force is a fantastic read that combines tough choices, amazing actions sequences, and…Deadpool? A beloved contemporary classic, the short run captures everything great about the X Comics and doesn’t outstay its welcome. 

3 | Legendary - X Men (2017)

The lucky 13
th addition to the Marvel deck building line, this widely praised expansions adds a wealth of classic and contemporary mutants to the game from the charismatic Beast all the way to the terrifying power of the Phoenix. Easy to pick up and a delight to deck-build, the game challenges you to face down Sentinels, the Brood, and more – making it an essential purchase for fans of the series.  

Best Read With: Such an in-depth dive into the team’s history demands a classic read, and few are more gripping than The Dark Phoenix Saga. Covering the corruption of Jean Grey, this iconic read has been adapted by almost all X Men media. Offering action, adventure, and heartbreak – it’s a mandatory read for every X Fan.  

2 | Marvel Heroclix: Sentinel

A mainstay of the board gaming world, HeroClix lets you recreate the most famous moments in Marvel history, whether it’s Spiderman grappling with the Green Goblin, the Avengers bringing down Loki, or dedicating an entire line to how much 
Cyclops and Wolverine hate each other. However, few sets allow you to capture the scale and challenge of bringing down a mutant hunting sentinel. Requiring tactics and teamwork, the model towers over its opposition and brings a degree of challenge that only the most balanced team can stop.  

 Best Read With: When it comes to bringing down Sentinels, there’s few stories better than Grant Morrison’s run on New X Men. Opening with the group fighting the giant killing machines, the series quickly stretches to space, covers a school rebellion, and goes all the way to the depths of the future. Cerebral, striking, and fun – it’s a must read. And with stunning art from Frank Quitely, the X Men have never looked better out of costume. 

1 | Mutant revolution (2015)

Criminally o
verlooked by many, mutant revolution combines the mechanics of GaleForce9’s exceptional Spartacus game into a game about Magneto, Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm knocking the hell out of each other. Letting you run your own X School (never mind team!) players train up their students and use unique powers and abilities to control the future of mutant kind. Slick and intuitive to play, Revolution is an essential purchase for any X Fan looking to create their own unique X Man story…and see just what kind of a headmaster the master of magnetism would prove to be.  

Best Read With: Arguably the best story in X-Men history – God Loves, Man Kills is a mandatory read for all comics lovers. Drawing explicit parallels between racism and the hatred of mutants, the story proved to a major inspiration for the great X2. Tackling religion, prejudice, and the nature of justice – the story is as powerful and though provoking as it was when it was first published over thirty years ago. 

Do you have any game to recommend, that X-men fans love?! Share it in the comments below :)

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