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June 2020

Intellectual Properties in Board Games


The problem with Intellectual Properties in Board Games We Love Theme @RGL we enjoy a game so much more when its theme is brought out through its gameplay. Betrayal at House on the Hill has its design problems, but it does an excellent job at making you feel like you’re exploring a haunted mansion and truly leaves you guessing as to what is round the corner. We also love superheroes. Seeing extraordinary people perform fantastical feats to save the day is incredibly exciting and a brilliant form of escapism. So with our love of superheroes and our love of thematic board games, it would make sense that we would enjoy superhero themed board games. But [read more]

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March 2020

Top 10 Storytelling Board Games


Whether it’s through plastic, paper, or card – boardgames are designed to tell us stories. From crushing defeats, to last-minute victories; some games are exceptional at leaving players with tales that last a lifetime. So, here’s a rundown of our top ten favorite games your group will be talking about for years to come. Starting with- 10. Spartacus: Blood and Treachery Replaying the first two seasons of the hugely underrated TV show, Spartacus: Blood and Treachery, slides your power-hungry toes into the sandals of a gladiator school owner. Players quickly find themselves forced to barter, backstab, and butcher their way to dominance and status. Mechanically, this sees players build a stable [read more]

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February 2020

2020 Radar – Top 10 Board Games to be Excited For


Every year for about the past seven or eight years could be considered an amazing year for games! As themes and game styles become more diverse, there’s even more to be excited for as each new year comes around. New and rising designers and publishers are injecting so much innovation into what eventually ends up the table (or our tables)! It’s such an exciting time for board gamers! It’s still early, so we don’t know everything that will release this year. But based on what we do know, we all have a lot to be excited about in 2020. Put these ten board games on your radar and enjoy what is sure to be another fantastic year [read more]

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January 2020

Getting the most out of a gaming table – Part 1


So maybe you’ve window-shopped around the Rathskellers website and you’ve thought, “That looks interesting, but I don’t even know what I’d do with all that.”Maybe you’ve never managed to see a gaming table in person, let alone play some of your favorite games on them. We play many different types of games on our tables, and we wanted to take a couple of blog posts to share some of our tips and tricks. To give you a feel for how to make the most out of your gaming table, let’s look at some specific examples using games and game types that we enjoy and that you may find familiar: Compounded is chemistry-themed [read more]

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Celebrating Rome : Top 10 Board Games with an Ancient Roman Theme


Ancient Rome, home to bloodthirsty gladiators, ingenious engineers, and scheming politicians. 1600 years after its fall, its majesty and brutality still captivate the imagination. What better way to celebrate the most famous ancient empire than through board games? 10. Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery Inspired by the TV show of high violence and low scheming, the Spartacus board game sees you managing a stable of gladiators and their blood-soaked games. Each player recruits and equips gladiators for the arena, putting their lives on the line for your glory and profit. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, you’re scheming to subvert the fortunes of your competitors. You don’t need to have [read more]

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December 2019

10 TV and Film Tie In Board Games


Tying a game into a TV show or film is such an easy way to boost sales that it’s practically cheating. Sometimes it makes a mess, as an inappropriate theme is hastily slapped onto an existing game. But sometimes it leads to something genuinely great – or at the very least memorable. Star Wars: X-Wing   BGG LINK BGG RATING : 8.4 (at the time of writing) Year Published : 2018 2 PLAYERS | 45 MIN | +14+ Just as George Lucas stole the aesthetics of war films for his space battles, the X-Wing miniatures game took its rules from First World War fighter game Wings of War. And just [read more]

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Τop 10 + more Great Board Game Stocking Fillers


Board games are a perfect Christmas activity, something that the whole family can join in on. But you don’t want to get stuck playing Clue with two suspects missing or a Trivial Pursuit set where the music questions are about Duran Duran. This Christmas, treat friends and family to some low cost, high entertainment games. 🎄🎁 You can find a 15% OFF coupon code for any game purchase at the end of this article 🎁🎄 Sushi Go! BGG LINK BGG RATING : 7.1 (at the time of writing) Year Published : 2013 2 - 5 PLAYERS | 15 MIN | 8+ Sushi Go! is a card game in which you [read more]

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Timeline – The Evolution of Board Games


Board games have been through a lot of changes over the years. From a slow historical evolution to the modern burst of creativity, here are some of the critical moments in the history of board games. Prehistory 3100 BC The board game senet being is played by the upper classes in ancient Egypt. This was the first time objects were made specifically to be board games. The rules have sadly been lost to the sands of time. 2600 Bc The Royal Game of Ur becomes popular in Mesopotamia. This was the first game to reach other classes and nations, as it was spread around world by soldiers [read more]

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March 2019

Updates – 2019


Dear Customers & friends from all over the globe ! The Past 1 year hit us like a kick-ass spinning super duper Tornado ! Your love & support was tremendous, and that translated into an increased workload (more orders, more tables, more responsibilities). Company / Business Model / Production : We have to admit, that in various occasions we weren't able to communicate our well know Customer Care Support to the fullest and that translated to delayed photo / video updates of your tables into our production, delays to our lead times and most importantly missing some of your emails. The truth is that, we just couldn't keep up with the demand. We are a family run business [read more]

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July 2018

Introducing our Newest Gaming Table Model !


The time has come. With the Convention period ahead us we would like to introduce one of our newest models launching @Essen Spiel 18 ! Some of you may already saw our quick looks over at Instagram or Facebook and few of you already got into the queue for our - little - new "beast". It has a unique leg system, available in 3 Default Dimensions with our Innovative Aluminum Railing System you all loved when we first introduced it to the Market 5 years ago and also a variation borrowing elements from our Phalanx table such as our Unique Built-in Player Stations (photos coming soon). Please stay tuned for more updates coming soon. PS: Special Thanks to [read more]

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