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February 2021

Play the Way You Want to with 8 Highly Customisable Games


Sometimes, it’s just more fun to push the limits of what a game lets you do. Whether it’s customising components, trying new strategies, or playing the way you want you – some classics let you get away with more than most. So here are eight games for envelope pushers and control-freaks everywhere, starting with- What exactly is a game that puts the entire course of human evolution at your fingertips going to let you get away with? Turns out - a hell of a lot. First released in 2016, Evolution quickly became a useful tool for educators everywhere thanks to its ability to allow players to create and influence a [read more]

Play the Way You Want to with 8 Highly Customisable Games2021-02-26T21:15:30+00:00

8 Great Dino Board Games


Let’s face it, you knew this one was coming eventually. While the Venn diagram representing a) people who love board games, and b) people who love dinosaurs is a circle, there are a number of amazing games for dino-fans across the world. Whether you want to capture, evolve, or learn more about dinosaurs…or terrorise Laura Dern. So, here are eight of our favourite dinosaur-centric board games that you need to pick up and add to your collection today. Starting with- An asymmetric delight, Raptor sees two players going head to head as they match science against the rage of a pissed off mama dinosaur. Combining hand management and tactical movement, [read more]

8 Great Dino Board Games2021-02-17T21:35:20+00:00

December 2020

The Teach: What the hell is it and how do I take it on?


An essential part of any game evening, nailing the ‘teach’ is defined as the start of a wonderful evening. Understanding it can help save valuable time, increase accessibility for new players, and cut down on your workload. But what exactly is ‘the teach’ and how can you optimise your approach to nailing it and enjoying a quality evening with your friends? What is "The Teach"? Describing how easy the rules of a game are to pass on, ‘the teach’ is how efficient and effective a game is for new players to comprehend. This can range from games that are fundamentally easy to grasp like Carcassonne all the way to absolute monstrosities [read more]

The Teach: What the hell is it and how do I take it on?2020-12-15T17:01:15+00:00

8 Great Holiday Gifts for Gamers


Board gamers. If there are people that are harder to buy for, we’ve yet to meet them. No matter whether you’re struggling with the right gift, feeling completely uninspired, or just unsure where to start – finding the right gaming gift for your friend can be a nightmare. Thankfully, our expert in-house team of nerds are here to help 😉 Here are eight of our favourite gifts that can stuff stocking or two this festive season. Starting with- Ok, we’d be the first to admit that this isn’t exactly the sexiest gift but finding a storage solution for your collection that works is easier said than done. These can range [read more]

8 Great Holiday Gifts for Gamers2020-12-14T18:26:53+00:00

8 Great Games for Animal Lovers


Whether you’re reading this with a cat on your lap, walking the dog, or watching some Blue Planet, it’s always a joy to interact with animals. And if you’re looking to add some beast to your next board-gaming session, you can quickly find yourself spoiled for choice. So, here are eight of our favourite games that have the wonderous world of animals at their core (well, at least as a fancy wrapper anyway). Starting with- A certified classic from the publishers at Renegade, Fox condenses all the fun of trick-taking card games into one gorgeously illustrated package. Paying homage to generations of fairy tales, the aim of the game is [read more]

8 Great Games for Animal Lovers2020-12-11T15:27:02+00:00

8 Incredible Value for Money Games


No matter your budget, when you pick up a new game for your collection, you want to know that you’re getting the best deal possible. While the hobby can be lousy for expansions, stretch goals, and relaunches, there are a number of fantastic options that offer something well beyond their retail value. So, here are some of our favourite games that offer tremendous value for money and are welcome addition to every collection. Starting with- Celebrating a decade on the market, there are few cut-price co-op games that offer the same level of excitements as Gamewright’s Forbidden Island. Developed by the iconic Matt Leacock, the game asks you and your [read more]

8 Incredible Value for Money Games2020-12-09T16:40:39+00:00

8 Great Book-to-Boardgame Adaptations


Books! Enabling escapism during the current pandemic, picking up a novel allows us to enter a different world and enrich our lives after a long day of work. This amazing ability to transport readers is shared by the best that our hobby has to offer, with many classics allowing the ability to explore iconic, fictional worlds with their friends. And then kill them for points. Here are some of our favourite games that allow bookworms to experience something truly special. Starting with- When it comes to boardgaming crossovers with Lord of the Rings, you’ve got a lot of options. You could have pitched battles with tactical nuance, co-operative jaunts that risk [read more]

8 Great Book-to-Boardgame Adaptations2020-12-07T19:20:55+00:00

6 Amazing Games that help teach History


Who says learning isn’t fun? While it may be a little unsurprising – after all, our hobby is a little on the nerdy side – there are a wealth of board games out there that do an incredible job when it comes to educating games about past events. From the birth of civilization to the conflict of the modern day, gamers can be spoiled for choice and have some fun round a table that will leave you wanting more. So, here are 6 games that can help educate as well as fill an evening or two. Starting with- Or ‘the conflict you never knew about’, this stunning deck builder covers the [read more]

6 Amazing Games that help teach History2020-12-01T13:38:40+00:00

November 2020

8 ways to improve your Chess after watching Queens Gambit


Whether you’re a long-term patzer, relative novice, or plan on dipping your toe into the world of chess after watching Queen’s Gambit; getting better can be tough. Playing on site like Lichess and Chess.com can be a great way to get a game at a moment’s notice. But receiving hammering after hammering can be demoralizing even lead to you putting the board down for good. Thankfully, here are a few simple tips that can get any neophyte up to speed fast and start you on the road to chess excellence. Starting with- 8. Protect your Neck In another example of The Simpsons doing it first, one of the most fundamental skills to pick up is [read more]

8 ways to improve your Chess after watching Queens Gambit2020-11-26T14:17:30+00:00

7 Games with *Bizzare* Themes


Sometimes it’s just good to take something off your shelf that’s just... weird. Given the innovative and inventive nature of the industry, the current market is stuffed to the gills with games that offer unique play experiences, fresh spins on old mechanics, or break new ground in a way that people could never have predicted. So, here are some of our favourite games that combine a fantastic play experience with a thematic wrapper that’s deeply, deeply odd. Starting with- Valley of the kings (2014) Ok, so – you’re going to die. Probably time to pack your coffin with your PlayStation, Blur-Ray collection, and a few Spiderman comics. [read more]

7 Games with *Bizzare* Themes2020-11-20T18:54:29+00:00

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