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April 2021

7 Quality Games with Legacy Elements


Legacy games are a fantastic way to spend time with a dedicated group. But while the series is great, messing about with Pandemic, SeaFall, or the rest of Rob Daviau’s line can become a little samey before too long. And the commitment to complete the same game time after time does run the risk of quickly wearing thin. So, here are some of our favourite games that dabble with the legacy formula and come up with something truly new. Starting with- A staggering accomplishment, Richard Garfield’s Netrunner re-emerged in the middle of 2010 firing on all cylinders. While reviews were flattering, it wasn’t long before the game succumbed to the card bloat [read more]

7 Quality Games with Legacy Elements2021-04-14T10:13:28+00:00

10 Quality Games for Would-Be Explorers


Whether you’re keen to experience the pure joy of exploring somewhere new or create a new world with some friends, board games are fantastic ways to live out your dreams. So, here are ten of our favourite games that let us scratch that journeying itch, starting with- A well worn addition to the list, but a classic for a reason. Charging you with managing the placement of castles, roads, and fields of the region – players enjoy a silky smooth playing loop that sees your kingdom slowly takes shape. A farmer resting in a field here, a robber on the road there, and even the odd passive-aggressively completed castle there. Throw [read more]

10 Quality Games for Would-Be Explorers2021-04-06T11:32:08+00:00

February 2021

8 Empire Building Games for Budding Despots


While here at Rathskellers we love games that reward peace and creativity… sometimes you just want to stomp some heads throughout the ages. Or in space, we’re not picky. Thankfully, the hobby has more than its share of games that let you build a mighty empire, steamroll opponents, and bring wreck and ruin to those who oppose you. All with within two to three hours at a time. So, here’s a list of games that let player build something that’s theirs and tear down an opponent’s work with nary a thought. Starting with- A veritable Varys simulator, Whispers is a streamlined masterpiece that mimics the push and pull of high [read more]

8 Empire Building Games for Budding Despots2021-02-23T21:47:55+00:00

10 Fantastic Games about the Great Outdoors


Sometimes it’s good to get some fresh air, but it can be more difficult than it looks. However, if you’re looking to experience the joy and vibrancy of the outdoors, picking out a game to play in the garden can help scratch your wildlife itch. So, here are ten of our favourite games that embrace the joy of being outside. Starting with- More mushrooms than you can shake a stick at. Morels (or Fungi – depending where you pick up your copy) replicates the sedate joy of strolling through the woods and filling your basket with fungus. But…let’s not forget this is a game – leading two players on a cutthroat [read more]

10 Fantastic Games about the Great Outdoors2021-02-19T18:14:56+00:00

6 Great Board Game and Film Combinations


Sometimes it’s worth adding a little extra flavour to your gaming session. This can involve playing a spooky soundtrack, providing some extra props, or sitting down to enjoy a movie as part of your evening. Picking out a quality film can help you set the tone for a game, prime your players for high-octane fun, or just help relax your fried brains after a particularly gruelling battle. So, here are six of our favourite games with a cinematic chaser. Starting with- The perfect ‘beer and pretzels’ game, Betrayal tasks players with making your way through a haunted mansion to defeat the unknown evil within. However, this co-operative session soon turns on its [read more]

6 Great Board Game and Film Combinations2021-02-10T15:40:45+00:00

10 Essential Sports Games…With a Twist


Generally, the worlds of professional sports and tabletop games don’t overlap. But when they do…something truly special can happen. Combining real-world tactics and the joy of gaming, some of the best competitive games you can pick up are inspired by the world of competition. So, here are ten of our favourite games that put a twist on classic sports. Starting with- Just when you though Icarus was the pinnace of modern cycling, this beauty comes along. Making the highly technical world of cycling accessible, Flamme tasks players with hand management to maintain placement control over their riders, ensuring that you are perfectly placed to push ahead, draft into a tactical spot, [read more]

10 Essential Sports Games…With a Twist2021-02-05T17:22:39+00:00

7 Ways to Get into Warhammer


For those brave enough to try The Hobby, you may be spoiled for choice…and a little intimidated. In operation since 1975, Games Workshop’s flagship Warhammer brand is undergoing an unprecedented resurgence in popularity – combining model making, painting, and wargaming into one glorious package. But with so many choices available, and a significant monetary value attached, it can be difficult to know where to start. So, here are seven great games to try and see if they are right for you. You know, before you destroy your wallet. Starting with- The grim dark mother of them all. Now in its 9th edition, the latest version of the series has received attention for [read more]

7 Ways to Get into Warhammer2021-02-02T17:30:51+00:00

January 2021

8 Great Games for the Min-Maxers Among Us


Either a living curse or an end-game opponent, min-maxers live for victory. These players tweak their character, setup, or strategy to be incredibly good at one thing. But - like any machine operating at its absolute limits - poke them too hard and the wheels fall off. Here are eight of our favourite games for brinksman players that love a little bit of optimising and aggression. Starting with- Thematically astounding, this abstract lets you play as a civilization that takes small steps forward through innovations – cards in your hand that let your secure points and other actions. However, this comes with a double-edged sword. While outrageous combos, gambits, and [read more]

8 Great Games for the Min-Maxers Among Us2021-01-27T15:27:05+00:00

8 Fantastic Games with a Quality Campaign


If you’re getting four friends over to play games on the reg…before long, someone is going to want to commit to something a little more satisfying that one-off play. Whether it’s an intensive 100+ hour campaign or a taut experience where one game impacts the next, modern games are perfectly equipped to let your group get their campaign on! So, here are ten of our favourite games that scratch that itch. Starting with- Divisive on release, Fantasy flight’s “everything including the kitchen sink” approach to game design lets you take on the role of a member of your own bespoke fellowship as you trek through the lands of Middle Earth. [read more]

8 Fantastic Games with a Quality Campaign2021-01-18T20:24:37+00:00

10 Solid Boardgame Picks for Lord of the Rings Fans


An adventure you say? Better grab the Lembas, elven capes, and…cardboard? Beloved by all, it’s no surprise that Tolkien’s are a mainstay of the hobby. But, like following a magic sword as it struggles to find its target, choosing the right game for your group can be challenging. So, here’s ten great games for your own Fellowship. Starting with- Trust us, this one’ll surprise you. Much more than a reskinned Risk, this version adds a wealth of small tweaks that add thematic depth and are easy for everyday players to grasp. Alongside branded art and gorgeous pieces (tiny wee Nazgul - we’re looking at you), the game adds leaders, action cards, [read more]

10 Solid Boardgame Picks for Lord of the Rings Fans2021-01-15T15:47:54+00:00

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