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January 2021

10 Best Batman Boardgames


Featured in epic anthologies, TV, Film, Animation and more – the caped crusader has filtered across a huge range of media, and boardgames are no exception.  Here are our top ten favourite games that let you get behind the cowl of the dark knight detective. Starting with-  Much more than a shameless cash-in, this adaptation of the Love Letter formula perfectly digs into Batman’s reputation for using his brains as well as his fists to solve crime. Asking players to take a card then play a card each turn, unique discard effects and small card pool makes play quick and tight. With Batman, Bane, Joker, Robin and more making up the deck. This is perfect edition of the game to throw in your bag and [read more]

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6 Astonishing X Men Games to Play Today!


Whether it’s Jonathan Hickman revamping the world of Marvel with House of X or the ongoing rumours about mutants entering the MCU – there’s never been a better time to bring the X Men to the tabletop.  So, here are six of our favourite games for mutie lovers and some of our favourite reading material to make an evening of adamantium and optic blasts complete. Starting with-  Another classic from the mind of Eric Lang, Dice Masters allows you to piece together your own superhero team and go to town on Captain America and his loser friends. Combining bag management with unique player powers, the Dice Masters series is perfect for recreating the rush of superhero combat. And if your team hasn’t got the heft you need, picking up unique booster [read more]

6 Astonishing X Men Games to Play Today!2021-01-11T21:16:35+00:00

10 Racing Games for Speed Enthusiasts


Not know for their speed, unless they’re on a table that’s being flipped over at 90mph – most people can be forgiven for thinking that board games are a dry affair. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether you are driving a car round a track, pressing through a jungle, or slaloming down a slope, board games replicate the thrill of the chase with incredible accuracy. So, here are ten of our favourite games to play at a clip. Starting with- Criminally overlooked by many, RNHRG (blimey) is a fantastic party game that pushes cheating to the fore. Built around a simple dice-rolling mechanic, the game gives players a handful [read more]

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10 Fun Games Where You’re the Bad Guy!


Modern gaming is packed with virtuous paladins, noble wizards, and kindly hobbits. But, sometimes, it’s just better to be a bastard. Whether you’re commanding armies, chomping on flesh, or planning your latest political backstabs – there are few things that board gaming does better than letting you act out your inner monster. So, here are ten of our favourite picks that let crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the person who bought the game in the first place. Starting with- A modern favourite, Disney’s Villainous lets you finally settle that long-standing argument about what would happen if Jafar fought a lion. Since being released [read more]

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December 2020

10 Games to test your detective skills


When it comes to unpicking a mystery, there’s nothing better than having a few folk round to help out. Enjoying a massive audience, games such as Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, have opened the floodgates for fans to test their wits against the finest mysteries the world of tabletop gaming has to offer. So, here are ten of our favourite games for would-be sleuths across the world. Starting with- Combining sci-fi gaming with the closest we’re ever going to get to Quantum Leaping, T.I.M.E puts you in the space slippers of a team of time-travelling agents charged with setting historical paradoxes right. With the history world as their oyster, players are able [read more]

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10 Solid Games for Players Looking for a STORY!


Once we’re finished playing our favourite games, all we want to do is tell our friends about it. And while some sessions may be tense, balanced knife fights…sometimes you just want something that gives your group an honest-to-goodness legend to pass on. So, here are ten of our favourite games that will leave you with some great stories once the last card is played or the final D6 drops from your hands. Starting with- Basically, you’re going to get two types of tale here. Your time with the dungeon crawler might be a closely fought battle that runs the length of your brutal campaign. This sees players match wits with the [read more]

10 Solid Games for Players Looking for a STORY!2020-12-23T16:05:56+00:00

10 Fantastic Picks for True Comic Fans


While nerd culture may rule the planet, it can be difficult to find a comic-book inspired game for your favourite Marvel Zombie or DC Fan. Thankfully, recent years have seen a glut of quality titles hit the shelves, letting you bring your favourite stories to life…and prove that Cyclops would absolutely beat Wolverine in a fair fight. So, here are ten of our favourites, starting with- Inspired by the mega-hit DC animated series, this tight deck builder lets you take on the role of your favourite Titan as you struggle against Deathstroke and the rest of the team’s infamous enemies. Built for two, players are quickly charged with assembling the team [read more]

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8 Perfect Games for Politics Nerds


You’d be forgiven for ignoring the news recently. But, as we all know, it’s hard to keep a politics nerd down. While we’re living through some ahem ‘interesting’ times, there’s arguably never been a better opportunity to expand your collection with some absolutely stunning games that do something interesting, Who knew wrapping Richard Nixon’s mug around an abstract puzzler would produce such a compelling game? Replicating the President’s attempts to muddy the waters around his actions, Watergate is a two player hand management game that pits one side as investigators and other as the President’s team trying their best to obscure, obfuscate, and outright lie. Dotted with references and imagery [read more]

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10 Essential gifts for the Nerd Who Has It All


The worlds of geekdom and collecting often go hand in hand. But with so many options out there to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on the right gift for your favourite nerd.   So here are some great gifts for the most discerning of gamers. Starting with- When it comes to mindful and rewarding hobbies, few can beat picking up a brush and starting to paint. If your friend has a collection of unpainted game pieces, picking out a starter set and a few practice miniatures can be a great way to expand their interests. Alternatively - if they’re already a painting fan - picking [read more]

10 Essential gifts for the Nerd Who Has It All2020-12-04T21:34:07+00:00

November 2020

7 Great Games with a Positive Message


While we may be living in ‘interesting’ times, it’s still essential to make every effort to spread a bit of love an optimism wherever possible. And with board gamers being one of the most welcoming groups of hobbyists around, picking out a game with a positive message at its core can be a great way to keep things light and come away a little happier than you were before. So, here are six of our favorite games that have a great example at their core. Starting with- Grim subject matter wrapped around an amazing mechanic; Pandemic may be a little hard to take in the current months. But bear with it and you’ll [read more]

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