A Brief Introduction

Only in the last decade has the demand arisen for tables specifically designed for Board Games & Gaming – yes we had always dreamed about such things when we were younger, but only recently has the gaming industry and the gamer consumer base reached a point where such dreams could become reality. Unfortunately for much of the world, the early offerings of gaming furniture were all in the United States.

But now, members of a multi-generational family of Greek furniture craftsmen have formed Rathskellers, a company dedicated to bringing hand-crafted, customized gaming tables to Europe. United States, Canada, Asia and beyond.

The common element in specialized gaming tables is an inset area where games are set up, usually equipped with a variety of surfaces for different kinds of play. We @ Rathskellers call this the “Game Cellar.”

This is what enables easy transitions between gaming and non-gaming activities. Many specialized gaming tables also offer drawers for storage and other gameplay accessories that attach to the sides of the table for players’ convenience.

The craftsmen at Rathskellers have built the things that gamers expect to see into their specialized gaming tables, but they are also innovating in ways that are moving this market forward. One of the most important additions is the aluminum railing system, a much sturdier way to attach those tableside accessories. The Councilor, Rathskellers’ flagship dining room table, offers options that include USB charging stations, wireless charging, LED lighting, and a built-in Bluetooth sound system, all firsts for the industry. The Garrison offers some of the most extensive storage of any coffee table you’ll find among regular commercial furniture, let alone specialized gaming furniture. The Phalanx hit the market by a storm. Combining Metal and wood for a minimal look & feel, introduced the built-in player stations including a dice tower built into the table and the Hive with it’s unique hexagon shape offered a solution to players requiring same distance to the middle of the table for easy reach.

Specialized gaming furniture is still a fairly young market.

But now Rathskellers is helping that market to expand in new directions and reach an even larger audience.

We want everyone to be able to play their games with our Amazing Handcrafted Tables for Board Games in comfort and style!


You won’t see much in the way of computerized or automated processes inside our workshop. All of our tables are lovingly crafted with our bare hands. Even our coloring process is done by hand. We are a small and dedicated shop of seven people: brothers, designers, woodworkers, engineers…gamers. We have been manufacturing furniture for more than 50 years, and we build that accumulated talent, expertise, and excellence into all our products. You can trust us – we’re family.


From Idea to reality, here are some stuff we’ve introduced to the industry:

Aluminum Railing System, Led Lights, Seamless Lighting, Controllable lighting with zones via App, Felt Cap, Dividable Gaming Zones, Wireless Charging, Usb Charging, Drawers with Soft Closing Mechanisms, Heavy Duty Storage Drawers for the table leaves, Simonis Speed Cloth, Water Resistant Velveteen, Bluetooth Sound System, Storage Bench, Spring Loaded Leaves.


We started manufacturing tailor-made tables for board gamers in 2013 after spending 18 months prototyping each and every bit of our tables. We combined our love for board games and our experience manufacturing quality furniture to create the Ultimate Board Game Table. Like you, we are passionate about our gaming experiences. We own more than 500 board games and have a dedicated playroom for our board game nights.


Rathskellers was founded in 2013 by the two Milios brothers, Thanos and Paschalis, as an extension of a family-owned furniture business that is now in its third generation. Spending our summer vacations playing Space Crusade & Heroquest while still aiming for that boom shakalaka in our dusty NBA JAM SNES cartridge, you can trust us, we’re family.

Milios Thanos (Branding and Marketing)
coordinates the many business details of running Rathskellers. He loves design and marketing, but has also used his programming knowledge to publish a variety of apps and games. As a lover of Euro games and RPGs, he would suggest using the white Cellar floor covered by the acrylic sheet – perfect for keeping your dungeon maps and Kingdom Builder boards in place. (Although his name is Thanos , he is not the Marvel Super Villain).

Milios Paschalis (Furniture Design)
is the master craftsman of Rathskellers. He is a wizard with his hands who takes the time to build every detail to perfection. As a fan of abstract and war games, he would suggest a deeper Cellar and Simonis speed cloth – just the right combination for laying down Hanabi cards or pushing around trays of orcs.

Milios Stergios (Furniture Design) is the second-generation expert of furniture manufacturing. As the father of Thanos and Pasxalis, and also the owner of emil, the family’s luxury kitchen and furniture design company, he guides the younger generation through the process. He offers comments, improvements, and solutions to the many unique challenges of designing specialized gaming furniture. He has been manufacturing furniture for 50 years, so his expertise is unparalleled.


We have tried very hard to keep the cost of our tables affordable and accessible, but we do not compromise in quality. With a Rathskellers table you will still be able to play your favorite board games 30 to 40 years from now. Our unique real wood veneer over solid wood oak boards manufacturing process is used so that it can withstand the test of time. Our innovative aluminum rail system is guaranteed to withstand even the most frustrated dice rolls. If you never have enough wheat, don’t worry! Your table can take the hit.


With a Rathskellers table you will still be able to play your favorite board games 30-40 years from now.


We are gamers like you & we have been manufacturing Furniture for more than 50 years. You can trust us we are family.

Handcrafted Quality Tables made from REAL wood.