The Councilor… the table that started everything, introduced our innovative aluminum railing system, the charismatic wooden surfaces, the felt cap (another raised surface to play those long pen and paper sessions, games with bigger boards, or just dealing cards), the bluetooth sound system, the wireless charging, the seamless lighting with changing colored player positions, achieving legacy and pushing the competition in similar offerings. Our playground, our first child, a little beast.

Always comes with the Game Cellar and aluminum railing system. However, if you want additional storage, it may include two, four, or six sliding drawers positioned for ease of use by players. These drawers are built on high-quality mechanisms with an angled front end for quick and comfortable access and include a brake mechanism for those frustrating gaming sessions.

The Councilor as all of our tables includes an inset for the Cellar floor that can be either single or double sided (Simonis™ Speed Cloth / Velveteen / Felt / Velvet). The hardwood leaves covering the Game Cellar can be built either lengthwise or widthwise.

You can go the Classic route or you can add any of our Electrical accessories you wish to the Table.


the focus of every table.

The Game Cellar is the focus of every table, the tavern at the beginning of every adventure. Our Cellar features an easy-to-use covering of sturdy hardwood leaves, your choice of floor, and a transparent acrylic layer for dry-erase drawing and for keeping your flat materials in place. Play with taller miniatures or terrain, or just need some extra space for that stack of camels? The Cellar depth of 6.5cm will match your gaming needs.

We believe the Game Cellar can be so much more than a simple storage area and play surface. Light your hexes and scenery in every hue from lava red to cyberpunk blue with our built-in LED lighting option. Then give your games the atmosphere they deserve with a Bluetooth sound system. Play music and effects through high-quality speakers positioned underneath the table and make sure that your fellow gamers keep their devices going while they play with our innovative Wireless Charging Stations.

The hardwood leaves covering the Game Cellar of the Councilor are available in lengthwise or widthwise orientation for ease of storage and to prevent any bending issues with humidity.



For your playing comfort, our innovative aluminum railing system, first in the industry and followed by many allows for a wide variety of convenient modular accessories including card/counter holders, dice towers, cup holders, wine glass holders, and player work tables with easy access to optional USB charging ports . The locking mechanism with it’s pending trademark joint system allows the accessories to slide when lifted up and lock into place when sit.

It can come either in natural aluminum (no stain) or match the stain of your table.

It is guaranteed to withstand even the most frustrated dice rolls. If you never have enough wheat, don’t worry! Your table can take the hit.


& Specialized Stain choices for the Councilor.

All of our tables are made using the Highest Quality White European Oak. We are the only company worldwide that do not charge extra for White European Oak.

In comparison with our other tables, the Councilor features a higher count of leaves sitting on the inner ledge of the table made from Solid Wood.

We have a Unique Process where we combine sheets of 0.3 mm veneer with solid oak boards so that your Brand new Rathskellers Table will get its rustic character from the attractive veneers such as Oak Antique, Rustic Oak or Knotty Oak.

It is one of the most durable and strong woods in the world that is highly resistant to dents and scratches


& Storage Space.

Our optional Sliding Storage Drawers are built on high-quality mechanisms with an angled front end for quick and comfortable access. You can store Small Card Game Boxes, Rail System Accessories, Crafting Tools, Game Pieces, Meeples, Dices, Magazines, or they can simply act as Player Mats for each Player.

Add one, two, four, or six drawers to your Councilor style table.

We offer 3 types of Drawers. Daily | Colossal | Leaf Storage Drawer

Daily Drawers usually go on the width side of the table. You can have 1 daily drawer on each width side or 2 Daily Drawers on each Length Side.

Colossal Drawers can only go on the length side of the table and they offer a tremendous amount of space for all your storage needs.

The Leaf Storage sits only in the middle of the length side and it features an even bigger space to store your accessories, bits and pieces and most importantly the leaves of your table. All leaves can fit easily inside and it is covered with a protective layered foam with velvet fabric to avoid any scratches and damages to the leaves when stored. When ordering the Lead Storage Drawer you cannot have a colossal drawer on the opposite side since it requires lot of space. This drawer is built using a custom made metal heavy duty mechanism crafted inside our workshop. It is literally perhaps the biggest drawer you’ve seen on a table.

After placing your deposit and depending on your table dimensions we will guide you through all the options.


A plethora of Options.

The Councilor offers a variety of Rail Accessories & Options and everything is fully customizable to each table. Accessory attaches securely to our aluminum railing system and locks / unlocks in place using our innovative tilt system.


& Trench Patrol

The Trench Patrol is ideal to reduce the Cellar Area and Create 2 or 3 separated spaces. It also prevents Dice, Chits & small Game Pieces from rolling beneath the Leaves. You can also used the trench patrol to cover up a session of game that needs resuming like legacy, miniature and those looong diplomacy play-throughs.

Hardwood Lengthwise Leaves are already included in the Base Price. Optionally you can have Widthwise Leaves with a small extra cost. The Trench Patrol is only available when you opt-in for the Widthwise leaves.

Felt Cap

& a new Raised Playing Area

If you are Looking for some holiday fun or you are an experienced Poker Player then the Felt Cap add-on will provide an excellent playing surface. Using the same single or double sided as your game cellar, this three wooden pieces structure will enable you to create a new raised surface sitting on the inner ledges of your table (where the widthwise leaves also sit.) Cards are easy to pick up and will slide with ease across this cloth because of our innovative wooden curved edge running across the whole external area. Felt Cap sits on the same ledge as the hardwood leaves.

*You can also add a 2nd or a 3rd smaller felt cap to create even more combinations.

Led Lighting

& Philips Hue System.

The LED Lighting System will elegantly illuminate every game you play on your Councilor table. The RGB controller allows you to adjust hue and intensity for just the right visual effect. The lights are installed throughout each edge of the Game Cellar to provide ample lighting if you want to turn off all your house lights and have a spooky game of Mysterium.

You can adjust the LEDs’ color, strobe rate, or cycle through multiple colors using the Remote Control Color Wheel provided.

We are also innovating further on and can upgrade your led lights to Philips Hue System. Controllable via your smartphone with an app, it can connect with your smart house environment, create unique combos and work with your other install Philips Hue Bulbs. Philips Hue System also offers better brightness and a slightly increase lifespan (although the normal led’s lifespan will probably last you some decades..).



Tired of tripping over everyone’s power cords? Our Wireless charging stations are a convenient way for your players to keep their devices going while they play. Just place your phone on top of your table and it will charge, easy and fast.

If your device does not have this capability, you can plug an external adapter ring into its charging port or by using a case specifically designed for wireless charging. (adapter rings with a variety of types (usb c , lighting, usb a and etc can be included with your order.).

Some of the devices already offering wireless charging are : The latest Samsung, Apple, Huawei, OnePlus, Google phones.

Seamless Lighting

Complimenting & going above and beyond.

Starting from 2019, after lot of research and plenty of trial and error we are now offering an upgrade to our newest Seamless Lighting Feature.

Covering about 150% more space with our unique spotless feature (individual led lights are invisible to your eyes made possible bysome really crazy engineering, reflectors, custom aluminum frame and so plenty of other small details). You can also have this feature with individual controllable zoning (each player can have his own color – for stating his player color). It’s really crazy and amazing, you can trust us.


Starting from 2250€.

Initially, you will only have to worry about the deposit amount required for your table. The deposit is important because it secures your place in the queue.

  • White European Oak

    We do not charge anything extra, instead we are using the highest quality White European Oak to all of our tables.

  • Aluminum Railing System

    The railings around your table provide sturdy but flexible attachment points for a wide variety of available accessories. Even if you don’t purchase any accessories that use the railing right away, you might in the future. Your table will be ready.

  • Choice of size

    Every gaming table we sell is bespoke, so we will work with you to make sure your table is the right size for your space. Heights may vary anywhere from 75 to 83 cm without any extra cost.


    A transparent acrylic sheet with suction cup for easy removal. Perfect for keeping your dungeon maps and Kingdom Builder boards in place.


    The Game Cellar can be so much more than a simple storage area and play surface. Cellar features an easy-to-use covering of sturdy hardwood leaves and your choice of floor.