The Phalanx uses a combination of wood and metal to give our gaming table a minimalistic and contemporary look. It is our first gaming table that doesn’t include our innovative Aluminum Railing System. Instead we have included all the accessories and functions a gamer needs built into the Phalanx, you can literally have a Dice Tower built into the table’s frame.

The Phalanx was a rectangular mass military formation invented by the Greeks (Macedonian Army) composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with spears, pikes and shield (Combination of Wood and Metal similar to the table’s shape), pretty much everything a true gamer needs.

It includes an inset for the Cellar floor that can be single-colored (Speed Cloth or Velveteen) or double-colored (Speed cloth and Velveteen).

Electrical accessories – the LED lighting system, the Bluetooth sound system, and the USB charging stations – are also available for THE PHALANX.

THE PHALANX is available in three dimensions : 110 x 120 cm for 4 Players | 170x 120 cm for 6 Players | 210x 120 cm for 8 Players


the focus of every table.

The Game Cellar is the focus of every table, the tavern at the beginning of every adventure. Our Cellar features an easy-to-use covering of sturdy hardwood leaves, your choice of floor, and a transparent acrylic layer for dry-erase drawing and for keeping your flat materials in place. Play with taller miniatures or terrain, or just need some extra space for that stack of camels? The Cellar depth of 6.5cm will match your gaming needs.

We believe the Game Cellar can be so much more than a simple storage area and play surface. Light your hexes and scenery in every hue from lava red to cyberpunk blue with our built-in LED lighting option. Then give your games the atmosphere they deserve with a Bluetooth sound system. Play music and effects through high-quality speakers positioned underneath the table and make sure that your fellow gamers keep their devices going while they play with our innovative Wireless Charging Stations.

The hardwood leaves covering the Game Cellar of the Phalanx are available only in widthwise orientation for ease of storage and because of their sitting place above the inner ledge, they are pretty much waterproof ensuring that your game boards and pieces remain intact.


Everything a gamer needs, built into the Table.

For your playing comfort, our Player Stations include everything you need for those long gaming nights with your friends. Each Player Station includes : Cup Holders for your Drinks, Counter Holders for your bits and pieces, Bins for storing stuff, a Pencil Holder for your notes and Card Holders so you can place your cards in front of you. There is also easy access to optional USB charging ports. The built-in Player Stations are guaranteed to withstand even the most frustrated dice rolls. If you never have enough wheat, don’t worry! Your table can take the hit. The Phalanx with it’s unique metal and wood combination is built like a tank.

4 PLAYERS (120 X 125 CM TABLE)

4 Big Counter Holders
4 Small Counter Holders
4 Card Holders
4 Cup holders

6 PLAYERS (170 X 125 CM TABLE)

6 Big Counter Holders
6 Small Counter Holders
6 Card Holders
6 Cup holders
2 Bins

8 PLAYERS (210 X 125 CM TABLE)

8 Big Counter Holders
8 Small Counter Holders
8 Card Holders
8 Cup holders
2 Bins


A Dice tower…built into the Table.

Optionally you can upgrade one of the Bins (only available to 6 & 8 player tables) to our innovative Bartisan Dice Tower that snaps into the tray and creates the perfect accessory for DM’s and games that require heavy dice rolling.

When not in use, the Bartisan has a wooden lid that goes into the hole creating an even wooden surface.


& Specialized Stain choices for the Phalanx.

All of our tables are made using the Highest Quality White European Oak. We are the only company worldwide that do not charge extra for White European Oak.

The Work & Eat Widthwise Leaves of the Phalanx are crafted using “Aircraft Plywood” made from birch. In comparison with our other tables, like the Councilor which features a higher count of leaves sitting on the inner ledge of the table made from Solid Wood, the Phalanx because of it’s minimalistic look and feel has 2-3 leaves (depending on the size) sitting on the arms rest area (player stations) covering the whole table thus making them larger and heavier but also waterproof.

Layers of plywood are bonded together in a hot press over hardwood cores of European Birch and are glued together with alternating right angles. This is what gives them both strength and durability and reduces the chances of the wood splitting when nailing at the edges while also ensuring a consistent strength across the entire length of the wood.

For the wide surfaces of the Phalanx’s leaves, plywood is a better solution because it is more durable than solid wood and less prone to bending and warping.

Limited to the Phalanx, we can offer a Special Patina Technique (we infuse metal particles – same as the table’s structure) into the wood graining, to create a seamless and more “Aggressive” look.



With the Work & Play leaves you can transform The Phalanx into a minimalistic dining table or into a workspace table very easily.

The 4 Player Phalanx has two leaves while the 6 & 8 Player tables come with three.



Tired of tripping over everyone’s power cords? Our Wireless charging stations are a convenient way for your players to keep their devices going while they play.

If your device does not have this capability, you can plug an external adapter ring into its charging port or by using a case specifically designed for wireless charging. (adapter already included).


Complimenting & tucking underneath the table.

Get comfy with one or two contemporary benches designed to compliment and blend in with The Phalanx Table ! Benches sit on the length side of The Phalanx and their size will depend on the selection of your table size.  Each bench is designed to tuck beneath the table.


Starting from 1950€.

Initially, you will only have to worry about the deposit amount required for your table. The deposit is important because it secures your place in the queue.

  • White European Oak

    We do not charge anything extra, instead we are using the highest quality White European Oak to all of our tables.

  • Metal Structure & Legs

    Combining Metal with Wood creates the characteristic look of the Phalanx.

  • Choice of size

    Every gaming table we sell is bespoke, so we will work with you to make sure your table is the right size for your space. Heights may vary anywhere from 75 to 85 cm.


    A transparent acrylic sheet with suction cup for easy removal. Perfect for keeping your dungeon maps and Kingdom Builder boards in place.


    The Game Cellar can be so much more than a simple storage area and play surface. Cellar features an easy-to-use covering of sturdy hardwood leaves and your choice of floor.